Google Drive Migration Won't Start

Hello friends,
I installed the Google Migration app on Nextcloud 20.0.12 running on Raspberry Pi 4 4GB, and Raspberry Pi OS. Nextcloud was installed using NextcloudPi.
I followed the migration guide and created the API link on Google’s website, and I was able to connect Nextcloud with Google.
I was then able to import contacts, calendars and photos from Google to Nextcloud, but for some reason when I try to migrate the Google Drive files, the process doesn’t start. It just stays on 0% and shows the message:

0 files imported (0%)
Google Drive background import process will begin soon. You can close this page. You will be notified when it finishes.

Can anyone suggest a solution to force the migration to start?
Thank you :pray:

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Does your cronjob run regularly? Check on the settings page of the NC interface when the cronjob ran for the last time…

Check logs for errors as well.

Hi @tflidd
cronjob appears to be running ok. It shows it ran 4 minutes ago.

Look at the repository, there are reports like that:

but you need to check if you get similar errors.