Google Drive Extremely Slow

I’ve been holding out for NC 10 before posting this as there are supposedly mean’t to be significant improvements to speed. However after upgrading to NC10 I’ve noticed no noticeable improvement on this particular issue and hence I’m posting this.

Working with Google Drive in Nextcloud for me is intolerably slow when encryption is enabled, literally trying to create a new text document will take 45 seconds before the file actually appears; this only happens with encryption enabled, although it’s not terribly fast without encryption. Accessing files already on Google Drive is relatively quick and there are no error messages being outputted to the log, so I’m not sure what’s up.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

How fast is access to gdrive with and without encryption?

Can you check your logfiles if there are more indicators?

Well creating a text document without encryption takes around 7 seconds vs 45+ with encryption. It’s not writing any fatal or warning messages to the log whatsoever.

Is anyone else running Gdrive with encryption? Just so I can verify whether it’s an issue or whether it’s just me.