Google docs integration?

I know one can integrate collabora/onlyoffice, but I think it would be a nice option to have document editing with google docs as well. What is the likelihood of this happening?
Thanks to devs/maintainers/all contributors for providing nextcloud! Its awesome.


well open source means that everyone could (and should) take part in the developpment of the code. so i guess the moment you’d decide to start that project it would have a starting point.

apart from that i dunno about any project aiming to that goal (i even don’t know if g-docs is open source or if the api is public documented)

happy coding!

google docs is tightly integrated to google drive. And the api does not from what i know allow to open documents from another storage to edit in google docs.

So, I personally use Dropbox, and there you can just right click and create an google docs Dokument. When you dubble click it, it will open up in google docs also.

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good to know. And thanks for letting the forum know about it (BTW: Thanks for your very first contribution on here and welcome to the forum)

Though it won’t change anything from what I said above. :man_shrugging:

Yes Dropbox is yet another closed source software.
So you don’t really know who the Gdocs are handled :space_invader:

You can use OnlyOffice.

Test free
User: nextcloud-demo
Password: nextcloud-demo

Or create a free account at and use Collabora and OnlyOffice with 8 GB for free.

The first post spoke already about collabora and OnlyOffice. His first goal was to use Gdocs :face_vomiting::nauseated_face::anguished: nobody’s perfect :ok_hand:t2:

Yes and after more than a year he do not need an answer :wink:
If he want use Google Docs it would be better to use the full G Suite

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I’m gonna close that one as there’s nothing new added here…

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