Google Apps/Docs

Have been playing with NextCloud for a while, everything is working perfectly and looking like it will work perfectly for our environment for staff working on documents remotely.

We use Google Apps for email and many staff use Drive and docs, however, moving to cloud storage however much I want to is not an option at the moment.

I have been using nextcloud running on a Linux server in the office. I have connected to LDAP, local SMB shares and Staff Home folders. This now allows staff to access the shared folders and their personal documents from any device external to our network.

Now they want to edit them quickly online, I have looked at collabora and onlyoffice but it would be great to edit documents using Google Docs as many of the staff already use Docs.

I’m aware it’s possible from the Google API to edit documents with Google Docs, however, this is well above my skill set.

Would anyone else be interested in using Google apps inside NextCloud?

Would anybody consider developing an app to achieve this?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Is there a way to host google-docs-utilities yourself?
That would be really cool!

I’m aware you can use the API to open external documents in google docs, sheets and slides.