[Goodbye Google] Sync calendar with google agenda

Hello here !

I am currently in the process of migrating out of google, and at the moment i found no way to synchronize with google agenda.

  • is there a way to have a sync of the google calendar into my nextcloud calendar ?
  • and the other way round : can i offer visibility of my nextcloud calendar to a gmail account ?

Thanks !

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The best is to export your calendar from google and then import into Nextcloud.

If you are migrating out of google, why do you need visibility of nextcloud in your gmail account? In the end you will probably close the gmail account that’s the idea of migrating?

In the end indeed, i will close my gmail account, that is the target.

Exporting from google calendar works very well, but it means a one time switch.

The point is that i am sharing this google calendar with other gmail users.
So i both want to share my new items to the other users and also see their updates.

Federated sharing of contacts and calendars is not available yet:

I’m not exactly sure if external shares are possible to gmail users. Perhaps the calendar repo has some interesting issues for you. Other option would be, to use an external tools to sync your Nextcloud and your google calendar…

I am using Davdroid from f-droid (but also available from Play Store) to sync Calendar/Contact.

@Thomas Will be possible soon with https://github.com/owncloud/calendar/pull/694

Thank you for the answers !

Indeed, an option would be to use an external tool as Cult proposed, but i’m definitely eager to see integrated the pull request that @tcit mentions. Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

Well, from what I understood, the android app will do that in the near future.

Any news on this? Will the PR get integrated into NC 11?

It should make it in the next version of the calendar app (it was already merged). It should even be available on older NC versions once it is released.

Is this implemented? I am not able to see any way to sync from my google calendar to my nextcloud. I can export google as a file and import it, but no syncing. Even if I share my google calendar with wide-open permissions, nextcloud cannot ingest it.

Yes, this is implemented and working in both directions.

In order to see your google calendar within nextcloud, you have to tell nextcloud the private ics adress.
It has following format: https://calendar.google.com/calendar/ical/my.gmail.account%40gmail.com/private-XXXX/basic.ics

You can find it in the parameters of this specific google agenda, below.

Hope it helps

hi, it is not working for me…
It doesn’t load any events…

I created the calendar in nc using “new calendar/new subscription from link”

Hi @quinta
The issue you’re having is this one: https://github.com/nextcloud/calendar/issues/1895
Increase cron frequency if you can.

thank you.

I found a workaround for my use case.
I made a backup and deleted past events (my calendar was 3,5M in size) and now it is way smaller.
When I tried to download it (when it was 3,5M), I got timeouts.
now that’s much smaller, it downloads OK.
so I guess size has something to do with the issue anyway