Godaddy subdomain masking not working

I just installed ubuntu + nextcloud 11

I am trying to configure my subdomain (forwarding + masking) but when I am configuring forwarding + masking it is not working, when configuring only forwarding it is working fine.

I contacted the godaddy support and said that it has something to do with the site. Any ideas ?

I imagine that could well be a security feature. CC @LukasReschke

how can I remove it then ?

It’d be far more secure to manage the domain DNS rather than forwarding…

you mean I create an A record with the domain like the below ?

anyone can guide me on how to do domain dns with masking as I only managed to do the domain dns without the masking :S

You just specify an IP for an A type entry. You can put an URL there.

With the iframe, that is prevented by these security settings:

I wouldn’t disable them if you do this differently. If you control the Nextcloud server, you can easily set up a virtual host for this subdomain you are planning to use.

Sorry chap I didn’t see your reply. A … subdomain (or www if you’re not using it for anything else) … IP
That’s an A record and what you need if you have a public static IP. If it’s dynamic you should setup a dynamic dns like duckdns or and create a cname from your subdomain to the domain name given by the dynamic dns provider.

thanks for your reply when creating the cname I am getting the below, I created the subdomain from godaddy and a ddns from dyndns

I am getting the below error: left it overnight but still

I wouldn’t use WebHop Redirect if you want to use your hostname in sharing URLs. It should be Host with IP address and the dyndns-service should then keep the IP address updated.

but with ipaddress I cannot specify the folder that I have installed nextcloud:

Normally you do manage this on your webserver, you automatically redirect requests to to

If you have your own domain, you normally can create as many subdomains as you want. Therefore, I wouldn’t install Nextcloud into a subdirectory (I’m currently planning to move away from the subdirectory) because of the __Host prefix mitigates cookie injection vulnerabilities:

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If you don’t want it showing /nextcloud at the end then as @tflidd states, configure your webserver to either redirect, or change the webroot directory from /var/www/html/ to /var/www/html/nextcloud

There’s info for setting up vhosts and configs here: