Gluu SSO nextcloud authentication with password


I am using nextcloud 11 with the Gluu SSO plugin and have their Gluu Server CE setup which is used as an OpenID IdP. This works fine for authentication and SSO, however, with scenarios where Nextcloud asks for my password (for example, if i am an admin user), it is not authenticating me and failing that password check. My guess is that Nextcloud isn’t doing an external call to the IdP (Gluu) to verify the password of the external user, rather, i think nextcloud is attempting to search mySql for an internal/local account of the same name and trying to match the password that way.

Is this true? How is this supposed to work? I have an open ticket with the Gluu support forums as well, but i just wanted to check this from a nextcloud perspective. Again the issue is password verification from Nextcloud itself while in-app. Like, making an admin level change (adding an app, changing a password, etc).