(global) external mounts

How do you make it so global external mounts creates a data directory for every user and the files of other users aren’t visible for the end user?

I see 2 Scenarios: OS Level External Storage and Nextcloud Level External Storage.
OS Level

  1. Stop NC Server
  2. Mount your external storage in data folder of NC, e.g. via SSHFS or via WebDAV with dav2fs, etc.
    Pro: External Storage being used as data folder of whole NC.
    Contra: Access speed limited by Network.

Nextcloud Level

  1. From the Administrative Panel added external Storage and create sub-folders there.
  2. Share sub-folders with needed users.
    Pro: External Storage being used as one of folders for each NC user with whom it is shared.
    Access control via Nextcloud.
    Contra: Access speed limited by Network.

Well, S3 is the primary storage so I’m technically already doing that on the OS level. However, I’d like to not be limited to one storage method.

The other option will work for a small userbase, but I was considering long term and future expansion.

It would be nice to be able to globally mount external storages and have every user have their own folder. Since the module doesn’t appear to be able to do this, can this functionality be automated via script in the method you described?

Then how about Group Folder App? It has advanced permissions settings:

Good in theory but I need to be able to have every user have their own data folder (not accessible/visible to others) on the external mount created automically.

Otherwise that would be a perfect app for me.

For example, I may want to mount amazon s3 storage with rclone for encryption as an external (local) mount.

And if I’m dealing with hundreds of users (example), I would prefer all of them to have their own folder automatically created without other user folders visible to them.

We’re getting more around enterprise features, though.

What exactly you means under this? Theoretically you can mount more externals on OS Level and then bind them to different places per user, e.g.:

../data bind to S3
../data/user1 bind to Digital Ocean
../data/userX bind to something different.

I’m not sure if the datafolder does anything with S3 as primary storage. It’s completely empty.

Otherwise, yes, I could do that.