Give users certain permissions in "admin settings"

Hi there,

i would like to know if there is any way to give users certain access to the settings. For now i can either give them admin permission so they can do anything or user and they cant access the “admin settings panel”.

Maybe i can achieve this with some custom code?

Anyways thanks for your help!

I’m fairly certain no. There is an open issue discussing something similar here:

Can you write custom code to achieve this? Maybe, although outside of contributing to core your code would need to be an “App”. However, my feeling is this would need to be implemented in core.

What is your specific use case driving the question?

Depending on what that is, fedaration is another thing to consider. You can provision a 2nd server for shared administration with this user you are considering - they can add apps, manage users, change server settings as desired on the 2nd server without affecting your primary server - but you can still federate the 2(+) servers for file sharing among the larger community of users.

Hi joshmorel,

thanks for you reply! Ok i guess there wont be a “easy” solution for this. Im really wondering why this isnt implemented yet. :thinking: This admin (full access) > user (no access) thing is really unusual for me.

Have a good one!