Give feedback, please

Hello!I’m sorry to write here, but I can’t get any feedback from you. I have used all other methods and methods of communication. I am already writing to you in every way possible, hoping that you will contact me.
I am already using your product and have combined it with my server.
I need urgent advice on official deployment and pricing.
I have a company called PlusEV. It currently has about 40 workstations and one dedicated server. We are planning to grow.
I am currently interested in the cost of hosting on your server, as mine is too slow and growing to the size of cloud storage I need, for data synchronization. I need support during business hours. As well as fast file uploads and access from workstations. We will also go on to set up work email and set up roles and more of what you have. Give feedback, please.
My email for contacting:

For direct support of Nextcloud, you can take a look here:

They work also with a number of service providers, that manage Nextcloud for you. Please have a look at their homepages.

Here is a forum for users that manage their servers themselves.

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Thank you for your reply.
I want to clarify that I run my own version of Nextcloud. I need advice on the product and once recommendation on setting it up and deploying. I just haven’t found the answers to my questions. It turns out that I need to choose a price list and budget for my instance and after that I can do some manipulation?

You can get paid support by Nextcloud GmbH (the company), for smaller setups that is a bit expensive. There are other companies providing support. But you don’t have to get support. You can try to figure out things yourself, with help of others here in the forum. However, the forum consists mainly of users that help each other. It means that you have to get involved yourself.

Did you put some questions here on the forum in the past that didn’t get answered?

No, I asked questions that I was interested in technical support through the feedback form.

You mean the one at

Perhaps @szaimen can help you to get in touch with the people from

I would be glad for any help, as the issue is urgent.
One of your employees wrote me an email, but after my answer, silence again.

And I would like to understand that, for example, if I choose the “Standard” plan, then I can get support, can there be a place in the cloud storage for data, can be organized with your system and your servers deployment? I did not find the answers to my question in the documentation.

The forum is just for Nextcloud users, it’s not an official channel for the Nextcloud support. In general, Nextcloud just helps you to run your servers. But everything is still hosted on your servers. They don’t provide their own servers for customers.

For such a case they have service providers. They have support from Nextcloud, and they manage instances for their customers, so you could subscribe with one of these service providers (there should be lists with different providers at different locations). Ideally you chose a provider that is not at the other end of the world.

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Yeah, okay, about the forum and everything else, I get it, thanks.
So, if I have a domain or a host, can I connect it to Nextcloud or, if I don’t have that, can I go to a service provider and buy it? Right? So to some extent Nextcloud in some comparison doesn’t provide file storage space like Dropbox, but serves as some sort of bridge between the two?

nextcloud is only a development team creating the software.

a service provider or hosting company only hosts this software.

the pricing for nextcloud is only for using the software as is with the amount of users your subscription allows.

the pricing for the hosting is not set by nextcloud this is a different company that simply host data. like joomble, wordpress and nextcloud. these prices depend on what package you choose for ex. processor power, high memory, large storage all add up.

mostly the hosting can also provide a domain name but this can also be done by another third party.

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I think a bunch of info is getting mixed up. First of all, I would say Nextcloud is functionally equivalent to Dropbox in many ways, as far as file syncing, storing, and sharing. Of course it does many other things as well.

  • Nextcloud software is free and open source
  • Support for the software can be purchased from the company or from a partner
  • Hosting services can be purchased from a partner, if you don’t want to run it in your own system. The company does not offer hosting themselves.