Getting the most out of Nextcloud

Hi everyone,

Like a lot of you, I’m on 17.0.3 and eagerly awaiting my turn for 18 to be added to my stable release channel. While I wait I’ve been thinking about “killer apps” on Nextcloud that I haven’t really tried yet or had some trouble with and abandoned. For example:

  • Collabora and OnlyOffice
    • Are these the same? Do they serve the same purpose? Are they both based on the LibreOffice codebase? Am I insane for recalling this despite the fact that I can’t find any reference to it on either of their sites?
  • Talk
    • Is this a full-replacement “Slack-alike?” I get the impression that it used to just be a “frame” for something called Spreed that I guess is an open-source videoconferencing package, but is now a lot more? I also can’t tell whether I need STUN or TURN running, when I have a port forwarded through my firewall and then my NGINX reverse proxy for Nextcloud. The documentation I’ve found on this so far has been kind of thin. My sense is that streaming video can’t possibly work correctly over plain https proxied through a reverse proxy server, but I’ve been wrong before :stuck_out_tongue:


get a cloud server and try them. easiest way to setup:

no: different name and approach.

yes: office suites. handle documents.

why? if you can edit a text with either of them.

collabora: “streams” the app to your browser. “server based”
onlyoffice: the app is running in your browser. “client based”

kind of big vs. thin client.

and they have different compatibility level to MS Office.

google can tell you: -> collabora vs onlyoffice

that’s also my understanding of this app.

that’s voodoo. and those how know won’t share their knowledge with infidels. (i’m a bit p***ed because i couldn’t setup a working version on aws right now. and no one in the forum helped me out.)

you need stun/turn. for my understanding.

that won’t be involved in talk/spreed/stun/turn. different ports.

sure. because it’s not https. and not the same ports

the problem is - as far as i know - that two machines behind NAT won’t find each other. and therefore need a stun/turn server direct attached to the internet.

further reading: HowTo: Setup Nextcloud Talk with TURN server

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