Getting NFS folders to work with the Music app

So here’s my setup.

“bacon” is my home server. Bacon has the lion-share of my data on it. It’s 16TB of love located locally. My nextcloud server “ham” is located in Amsterdam.

“Bacon” is sharing several NFSv4 folders to Nextcloud, one of them is my music folder. There’s only one problem though. It appears as though my NFS config only displays files once they’re directly gone-to and you attempt to open them. I can access and use my NFS files just fine, but the music app won’t see any files in the NFS share unless I go back to “files”, browse through the music folder and play something.

Is there an NFS option out there to ship the entire directory structure to whoever the client is from the get-go… or is there something on the client side I can do so that the Music app can SEE the files without them actually having to be present and accounted for locally?

EDIT:: Actually TIME just solved this entirely. Nextcloud had been actively scanning the files from that NFS share since this morning apparently. When I went back to the Music app just a few minutes ago it said 11648-ish files available so I guess… it works!

Anyway if anyone else has this issue the solution might just be to wait and let Nextcloud search the directories. Depending on the size of your library, it might take a day or so.

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