Getting Nextcloud running

I’ve set up nextcloud several times before on Ubuntu Server with no issues. That said, I’ve been trying for the last week to set up a fresh install of both via snap and having no luck. I’m running Ubuntu Server LTS 18.04 with nothing else on it. I’m not sure what else would be using port 80 as it’s a clean install. I did a clean install this morning to make sure any of my troubleshooting steps weren’t messing with things.

here is what I’m getting from sudo snap logs nextcloud
2020-05-04T15:44:59Z nextcloud.php-fpm[49131]: done
2020-05-04T15:44:59Z nextcloud.php-fpm[49131]: Obtaining nextcloud mysql credentials… done
2020-05-04T15:45:00Z nextcloud.apache[49246]: done
2020-05-04T15:45:00Z nextcloud.apache[49246]: Configuring nextcloud…
2020-05-04T15:45:00Z nextcloud.nextcloud-cron[49183]: Waiting for Nextcloud config dir… done
2020-05-04T15:45:00Z nextcloud.apache[49118]: All set! Running httpd…
2020-05-04T15:45:00Z nextcloud.apache[50272]: No certificates are active: using HTTP only
2020-05-04T15:45:00Z nextcloud.apache[50308]: AH00558: httpd: Could not reliably determine the server’s fully qualified domain name, using Set the ‘ServerName’ directive globally to suppress this message
2020-05-04T15:45:01Z nextcloud.nextcloud-fixer[49104]: done
2020-05-04T15:45:01Z nextcloud.nextcloud-fixer[49104]: Waiting for Nextcloud to be installed…

It’s been over an hour and nextcloud still isn’t ‘installed’, but sudo snap install nextcloud says it is.

Please help me, oh gurus of computery wisdom.

You can find out what has port 80 open like this:

sudo netstat -lntp

I installed net-tools, and saw this in the output of that command:

tcp6 0 0 :::80 :::* LISTEN 50308/httpd

I don’t know why it’s trying to do anything over IPV6 since I never set that up and it’s never been an issue before. Disabling IPv6 fixed it. Thank you!