Getting error message: low water mark reached dropping 100% of metrics

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I am seeing constant error message “low water mark reached dropping 100% metrics”. Can someone explain what this is?

I have one of my drives in pool degraded but other than there is nothing else happened. In the past, it degraded also while I change the drive but did not exhibit this issue so I can not to degrade problem. I can not login to system while in the state wondering what this is error is all about?

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after i setup my in my computers power management setting to run hard drive not to idle (default was 20 min) i set to never idle (0 min) and it seems to take care of the issue. Will monitor it.

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You didn’t give enough context, but I think this is a collectd matter rather than Nextcloud related.

what is collectd? Is this a truenas thing then? After disabling power management for HDDs i stopped seeing but started reappearing during uploading of about 1GB data comprising of ~100KB chunks.

It’s not solely a TrueNAS thing, but, yes, AFAIK TrueNAS has it. As for what it is, check your favorite search engine. :slight_smile:

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ok more like linux thing.

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