Getting apps updated to never nextcloud

There are quite a few apps in the app store that is tagged with old versions of nextcloud. And thus before did not even show when installing apps from within Nextcloud. Now in nc16beta1 they show up as untested and unsupported.

It would be good with some clear way of claiming an old not so updated app that clearly isn’t updated to a never version. cms_pico is one that i use at one installation. With some tweaks i got it to work as i wanted and installed that manually.

If there where clear ways on how to do this i bet that some apps would be updated in the store if community members could claim them.

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thanks a lot for your feedback. It is a new feature. We want to allow the admin to enable “un-testest” apps because often there is a chance that they still work, even that the developer didn’t increased the “min version” yet. Of course we want to improve this feature and therefore your feedback is really useful. Thanks for that!

In this concrete case, if I understand you correctly you had to make some small changes to the app. It would be really helpful and would speed up the adjustment of the app to Nextcloud 16 if you could propose your changes as a pull request to the app:

I will propose them to the github repo soon. The request is more about apps that clearly has a last change like 2 years ago in github and are still only available in 12 or 13.

It will be a mess if people clones old apps and submits them again under a new name and people needs to migrate to the new one.

You change is really tho. People can actually test the untested apps and it will probably be more activity in the git repos for pushing to never nextcloud versions

Great, thanks! :+1:

I see your point. If I remember correctly we also had this discussion in the past. The problem I see here is that the app is owned by individuals of our community. Just taking it away from them and giving it to someone else can easily be considered aggressive. If a project I contribute to in my spare time would give my app away to someone else just because I didn’t had time to work on it for a few months (but still want to maintain it in the long run), I would feel quite offended.

So from a gut feeling I think this needs to be done careful and always needs some 1:1 interaction with the current maintainer. E.g. someone else proposes a pull request to update the app to the latest Nextcloud version. If the maintainer doesn’t react after X months/weeks, the person could offer to co-maintain it or to take it over. If this also doesn’t trigger any reaction the contributor could fork it and reach out to use what to do to enable a smooth migration for existing users. At the end this could mean that we hand over the appstore account for the app (after trying to contact the current maintainer), but afaik this never happened until now and need to be done careful. Not sure if we can/should automate this somehow. But maybe we could outline a general process similar to what I described somewhere at

So wrt apps going unmaintained, if those apps are in the authors’ repo there is nothing we can do, of course - they own the app and keys and it really isn’t appropriate for us to interfere with what they do.

However, we invite app authors to move their app into the Nextcloud repo, where we can collaboratively develop and maintain the app. This is now described in our documentation:

-> see the result:

Input welcome!

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