Getting AIO's child containers to use network defined in docker-compose?

I am using the AIO image with docker-compose, and I want it to live on its own subnet. To do this I’ve added the following to my docker-compose.yml:

        - subnet:

Under the Nextcloud service, I’ve specified my network and assigned an ipv4 address to it. This works, but the other containers spawned by AIO (e.g. nextcloud-aio-database) join the default nextcloud-aio network instead of my-custom-network. How can I configure these other containers to live on the subnet I’ve defined?

This is not possible as you can see.

However the container does create and use its own subnet automatically with the name nextcloud-aio.

I had the same issue in situation where my proxy manager had own network - so reverse proxy couldn’t work because the container didnt see nextcloud aio instances. You have to add network nextcloud-aio to the reverse proxy container.