Getting a direct link to a document - App

On the web interface there is a handy “clipboard” icon in the file details view. This gives me a direct link to a file so I can easily paste into a message or email. Note, this is just a link so that users who already have access can easily get to the file.

Is there an equivalent in the Android app?


Hi @fishter, yes absolutely. Just click on the share icon in the file list or open the files details --> go to the sharing tab and activate the checkbox at the link label.

Update: It is kind of the same think, generting a sharing link, so rather like the “Share link” feature on your screenshot.

But in my installation creating a shared link in the Android app requires making a password. I don’t want to generate a password for a file that someone already has access to.
Or, is the password ignored for users with existing access?

That I don’t know but couldn’t you then just type the username, share it explicitely with the user and the Nextcloud server send an email/notification to that person? I am aware that this isn’t the same thing.