Get your own free account


I have installed Nextcloud 18.04 (webhosting). I can’t get rid of the “get your own free account” link on shared links. I tried editing the “config.php” file (according to some posts I found on this forum it’d be enough to change " 'simpleSignUpLink.shown’ => true,” to “false,”) but it doesn’t work. The link still shows.

can you please help? thanks in advance.

No " with false. But perhaps you set it. Then i have no answer.

'simpleSignUpLink.shown' => false,

this is what I added to “config.php”: 'simpleSignUpLink.shown' => false,

the path is (as on my WebFTP: (myspace)>Nextcloud>config>config.php

if this is correct, and it doesn’t work, who would have an answer, please? I’m in touch with my provider as well - this needs to be sorted out.


Can you post your full (anonymized) config.php? Also put an error in your configuration to see you edit the right configuration :wink:

thanks. I’ll do this as soon as my provider gets back to me - somehow I’ve just noticed something weird: after inserting the line "`‘simpleSignUpLink.shown’ => false, ", saving the, and re-opening, the line is in the file. When I download it, though (which I did to send you a copy), the line is not there…

Perhaps two versions in two different directorys. Check the directorys.

Nice one file filemanager to check it:

turns out I was doing the right thing / editing the right file, except that I didn’t know I would have to give myself permission to do the editing beforehand (on my website admin page) before connecting to the config.php via WebFTP - just in case someone else runs into the same kind of issue.

so it’s all good now :slight_smile: thanks for your help!