Get rid off old entries in sharing-dialog?


I’ve turned off autocompletion (administration / sharing). However, clicking on the input form „Name, … or email address …“ of the sharing dialog the drop-down shows all old entries, even such that are not listed in contacts.

Is there a way to delete the former entries?

Thanks for a hint.



ich habe unter Verwaltung / Teilen die Autovervollständigung abgeschaltet. Allerdings werden mir im im dropdown des Input-Feldes “Name, … oder E-Mail-Adresse” alle Mailadressen angezeigt, die ich früher schon mal eingegeben habe - auch solche, die nicht in meinen Kontakten verzeichnet sind.

Kann ich die irgendwie loswerden?

Danke für einen Tipp.


You are sure this comes from Nextcloud, it shouldn’t show you old entries. Like this I would suspect an auto-completion feature of your browser (or some browser extension).

I’m pretty sure, because in different browsers it looks the same and appears in the typical nextcloud design.


I also have users with this issue, and it is persistent when logging on different machines so cannot be a local cashing issue.

Any ideas?

One idea: Something with the cronjobs is not working, so the cleaning up routines are not working and you can still find old entries. If the admin panels show that your last cronjob was run recently and you are using a current version (last minor version of a major branch (see latest versions here:, consider reporting this to the bug tracker: