Get rid of indexing error: No MIMEType in EXIF data

Hi, I am running nextcloud on a raspberry 4, everything seems to work nicely. However in the logs I get a lot of errors like this one:

“Failed to index file /filename.JPG: No MIMEType in EXIF data: /filename.JPG”

All the filenames have in common that they end on “JPG” instead of jpg, although I also saw the same error with some png files.

Anyone having a similar issue or any hints?

Same issue.

I tried to rename the *.JPG to *.jpg but the same errors keep popping with the same files.

I get 100s of errors per minute.
Have you found a fix ?

Check related issues and see if any apply or the suggestions provide any clues: Issues · pulsejet/memories · GitHub

I solved it by deleting the files in question one by one. Apparently they were all corrupt. I couldn´t open them, and I didn´t manage to repair them. There were about 70 corrupted JPG files on my install.
Hope this helps.