Get method and useragent= don't work


i’m owning a TK806 GPS-Tracker. I’m also runing a root server with current nextcloud 25.0.2.

I’m writing my own client software in addition to phonetrack app for android, which works fine.
The TK-806 send messages via GPRS to my root server, where a daemon recognize it and send the position found from message to phonetrack (nextcloud).

I’m using the following get template

instead of the one phonetrack advertised to me.

Later MeinName,USERAGENT, LAT, LON, ALT … is replaced case-insensitive by find & replace before send it to nextcloud.

However, why there is a difference?

I saw on tracker object created by phonetrack app for android, that User-Agent was set. On the tracker object, created for TK-806, User-Agent was always “unknown GET logger”.

I’m simply try to replace “unknown GET logger” with “gpstracker/v1.0”, but i found still no way to do this.

phonetrack app for android does, but is using POST instead GET.

Any ideas?

However, got another question.

Reply was “Done”:1,“Friends”:

Done probably told me successful upload, but Friends is unclear. For what is “Friends” for.