Get data off of usb drive

Is it possible to connect the myclouddrive external usb drive to a pc to remove the stored data? If so how do i access it?

My nextcloud pi is not recognizing and i just want to be done. Its far more advanced to troublshoot than I want to get into for both time and experience. So i just want to extract my saved data out of the db cloud drive if possible.

You should be able to plug the drive in a PC running Linux, even a Linux live session (loading Linux directly from a flash drive, rather than installing it). I don’t know the folder structure, but I suspect there’s one called Data that should have your files. If you do this from your Windows PC, you should then be able to copy them directly to any folder in your user directory in Windows. Just look up how to create a Linux installer USB flash drive, on Youtube for example, and I’d suggest Linux Mint as the easiest distibution to run.

You’ll need to learn about

  • Linux permissions work
  • how to mount your disk in Linux
  • Hopefully your disk format is one that Linux recognizes

It is up to you. This is not a Nextcloud issue, but you can certainly search the forum and internet for other examples of people mounting their disks.

Depends on if you are running Windows or Linux, as they have different methods for mounting disks and support different disk formats. Good luck. Closing this here since it is not Nextcloud or NextcloudPi related.

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