German Installation and Update Tutorial

Hey all,

I had an nextcloud implementation project at my company.
I made a very detailed documentation regarding Installation and Updating the Nextcloud.
My question is, where to place such a tutorial. The Tutorial is in german.



i’d suggest to call it How to: Installing and Updating NC under xyz… or such

and file it under subcategory international - german


I’ve the documentation in PDF. So do I upload this? I don’t want to format this in HTML over your Editor. It would take too much time.


no chance to upload a pdf directly to the forum.

though you could link to a shared pdf-file - and everyone would need to decide themselves if they would click or not.

if i’d be allowed to put a personal comment here - i once had another forumist having a similar idea… he refused to put it up via copy and paste here… and liked to the pdf… some time later i found, that the link was dead and unattended. such a pity…

Ok, how about a jpeg file;-)

won’t be any better… in the contratry. could be scanned and ocr’ed as well, btw.

damn, this is nuts man

well just give it a try

Ok it’s done;-)

i saw it. it’s literally unreadable

howtos in jpeg are truely nuts. how to copy&paste text from a jpeg? :wink:

do you have a github/gitlab account? may be just publish your pdf there. and put here a link to your repo.
may be you are lucky with a pdf2markdown converter.

Ok Guys, is now upload as PDF on github

r u gonna link it to the forum?

did it already

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