Geoblocker veut pas me connecter car AA refusé mais je suis CA


Votre tentative de connexion depuis le pays « AA » est bloqué par l'application Nextcloud GeoBlocker. Si cela vous pose un problème, merci de contacter votre administrateur.

Not sure if the geoblocker DB is not updated, or a problem with geoblocker and ipv6 addresses that require a 64-bit OS:

For this service to work with IPv6 you need at least a 64 bit system. If this is not fulfilled IPv6 addresses will be always returned as ‘AA: Country Not Found’ and the database will not be filled with IPv6 data (starting with version 0.5.0). If you change your system make sure to update the DB again.

I’d try to update the geoblocker db first.