Generate wget friendly links

Is there a way to generate a public and wget friendly link for a file? Meaning a file link that ends by the name of the file for example mypublicimage.jpg not some random string of characters!

HI Oliver,

Thanks to Tobias have a workaround now:
You can go to the generated link page, which will look like: https: // my.example.tld/index.php/s/EkaDBeionxP4667
and from top-right menu select copy link.
or just append /preview or /download to the generated link.
You can then use that link to do:

wget https: // my.example.tld/index.php/s/EkaDBeionxP4667/preview -O name-of-file-to-be-saved.ext

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I wonder why everything has to be so da… complicated with Linux. :slight_smile:
Thanks very much, you saved my day.


how do you download such a file using the commandline elsewhere “less complicated”?

You can use the app Sharing Path (video).