Generate static assets

Hi everyone,

in one of my apps, I would like to generate some static assets, like special user avatars, which can be served without the Nextcloud overhead. Does someone know if that use case came already up in some app? Which is the best location for such content?

My current plan would be to add an config option to specify the path which can than be outside of the NC installation root. What do you think?


I think it’s a good idea because that eliminates some of the max connection issues per domain in browsers and therefore helps with loading times.

As far as I know there is no API for that yet, though.

Thanks Christoph for your answer. Good to know that I will not reinvent the wheel here :smiley:

Maybe as background information: I plan to serve all avatars in a BigBlueButton meeting as static assets, since the ondemand generation takes a while. I measured a total loading time of ~60 seconds for a meeting with 100 participants (with ab on the server). Loading static assets was done in ~5 seconds. And don’t worry those resources will only be available during the meeting and cleared afterwards.