GDPR Kit without being an enterprise customer?


We’re a tiny German IT start-up consisting of floss believers. Because of GDPR we’re going to set up Nextcloud, but we can do that ourselves and don’t need enterprise support. We do, however, need guidance on legal matters and the Nextcloud GDPR Kit seems to be optimal.

Is there a way to access the GDPR Kit without being an enterprise customer?


welcome to the user-forum of NC. And thanks for your first contribution.

As you might have noticed… this is the U S E R forum… so it’ll be getting hard getting a (legal?) answer to your question.

So why not just adressing to NC GmbH directly and ask them directly. Sometimes there will show up a way …

Thanks for your swift answer, mate.

First, maybe someone knows something about the GDPR Kit, maybe it’s only suitable for big organisations. Second, it’s more tiresome to fill out all the requested fields in the “contact us” section than making an account here. :crazy_face:

we definitly should change that for the forumside of it :laughing:

You can get the 14 pages (PDF) for free.

General Data Protection Regulation Compliance Kit
12 steps to GDPR compliance

Our GDPR Overview document offers a basic 12 step process to GDPR compliance, as part of our GDPR Compliance Kit. Customers can download the complementing GDPR Admin Manual on our customer portal.

For Download you do not really need an email. at master · nextcloud/ · GitHub

Thanks a lot, mate! Exactly what I was looking for.

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