Gateway error 504 while installation

Hi there,

I just joined the great community of this wonderful tool. I have successfully installed NextCloud in my local server to test the procedures. Now I started with my production server but while installing the packages, and after introduce the MYSQL information, I got an ERROR 504 Gateway Timeout Error.

After review of different post regarding the same issue, I follow instructions. Despite it, I got the same error. Now, I just tried to continuing by refreshing the browser, and I was able to land into the login page (no visible errors and still checking functionalities). I’ve checked the production database and it seem to OK.

My question is… As NextCloud is able to work in SQ-Light, I’m afraid that my production probably is not really working with MySQL.

Is there a way to confirm that my installation is really registering data in MySQL?

Thanks guys for your technical support.



Have a look in /path/to/nextcloud/config/config.php for value dbtype.

Thanks Bernie_O,

Yes, it’s pointing out mysql. Great!.. Thanks a lot.

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