Garbled playback from external drive

I am having a difficult time getting this to work with an external drive (windows share).
It took forever to scan 1100 audio files, and when i attempt to play any of them it plays garbled mess for a few seconds before freezing.

I assume this is just some sync issue and hopefully something I can fix with a tweak to the server?
Or maybe nextcloud external drive support is just really slow accessing windows share?

Running NextCloud 21 in a ubuntu server 20.04 vm with 16 cores and 8gigs of ram dedicated to it.
Any suggestions are appreciated

There is no sync that is taking place here. Nextcloud is streaming the file directly over SMB from Windows to Nextcloud, and then to your client.

It sounds like the transfer is too slow for the video playback, but that could be for any number of reasons.

Thanks Carl. Appears to be something with (my system and) Nextcloud external drive linking smb shares. When I build the share manually in fstsab I am able to increase the performance enough that it runs great.