GarageBand share projects

Hi there, I need to store GarageBand projects in NextCloud. This doesn’t work.
At school students work on different iPads and the projects should be stored to the personal space of each student in NextCloud.
Unfortunately the stored (shared) file-bundles from GarageBand are not readable when stored in NextCloud.

If anyone has experience in and solutions for that, I would appreciate help.


hey @clipp and welcome to the communityforum(s) of NC

I never worked with Garageband so I don’t know how GB is saving their files. Afaik GB is a software from the Apple-world. So my questions here are:
how is a typical mac-storage formatted? does that correspond in any ways to a linux-formatted storage?
how exactly IS your mac-storage formatted and how your linux-storage?
how did you connect NC to Garageband?

So you see where I suspect a possible problem.

Apart from that you maybe want to take a look into any other Garageband-forum as well. Chances are higher that you’re gonna find someone there who mastered the problem already.
I’d like to ask you a favour: IF you succeed to find a solution outside of here would you be so kind and link it here as an answer?

Why, you don’t have permission or is the file broken?

I suppose you use the desktop sync client, is this with the Virtual File System (it was beta and needed to be enabled manually)?

Is this just a problem when several work on the same project at the same time?