Gallery : Slideshow - autoplay speed / delay setting?

Is there a way to adjust the speed (delay between images) of the autoplay feature in the Gallery app?

I checked:

but I can’t find a way to adjust this paramater.
It is a pretty standard adjustable setting for a slideshow. Am I missing something?

I suppose the answer is no and that the delay between images is not adjustable in the slideshow.
It’s kind of weird though that no one thought about it !!

there is no option to configure the slideshow interval. But…

Look to this file:

configure (line 19):
this.interval = interval || 5000;

The number is the time interval in ms

Thanks for sharing!

Can anyone tell me how to change this when using snap?

Does anyone know where I can find .js file for manual adjustment of the slideshow speed?
Used to be apps/gallery/js/slideshowcontrols.js, but this file was deprecated in recent versions.

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See here. Adjust the speed (delay between images) of the autoplay feature · Issue #447 · nextcloud/viewer · GitHub
Still being developed.