Gallery shows error message when logged in as admin

When I try to use the gallery with my admin account I get the following error: Album cannot be shown. The owner has placed a restriction or the storage location is unavailable (403). Gallery works fine when logged out (files shared through a link) or even when logged in with a different user. I can’t figure out if there are any settings I’m missing, permissions on all my foders are set to the same user.

I’m using nextcloud 10.0.2 of nextcloud.

Who is the owner of the files (in Nextcloud)? And who is the owner on the file system? Is this external storage?

I am the owner of the files and I’m the admin of the system. On the file system www-data is the owner of all files. This is external storage hardlinked into the nextcloud data folder. However, since it works for all other users except me I don’t see how this could be the issue.

If you link the whole data folder this should work. Links within the data-folder however have been a problem in the past. However, file access in principle works so it must be something Nextcloud-internal. You should create a bug report on and provide all required information.

I just tried making another user admin to see if it has anything to do with that but it works fine on that user. I’m starting to think one of my files is causing an error in the gallery app. I’ll file a bug report aswell. Thank you for the info!