Gallery loading rows only after scroll


is it possible to change the way the photo wall loads it’s pictures? Even after the previews have been generated only row by row is loaded. You always have to scroll down to make the next row of photos load. This way it’s almost unusable for storing pictures in the cloud. I have only 500 images and scrolling through those is simply a pain. Are there any parameters to change this? It should automatically load row after row without having me always to scroll to the bottom of the page. With NC 12 it seems to be worse than before.


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This question I have already asked myself. Is there a way to load the gallery images faster?
I send a lot of pictures about gallery links. It’s very slowly with Nextcloud 12. Under Nextcloud 11 it was already much better.

You can close that one. My data folder was mounted via webdav what seems to be a real bottleneck. I moved the folder to the local ssd and now it runs fine.