Gallery load times are still really bad

Ubutnu 18.04, PHP 7.4, Apache, I have also tried this on Ubutnu 14.04, PHP 7.0 with Apache. I have installed this with snap. Owncloud 13, fresh install several times

ok so there is a lot I love with nextcloud. Way more apps and customization here. However there is ONE thing keeping me from using this as my go to cloud over owncloud and that would be the gallery. Everything with it owncloud has it beat … hands down. The speed here is horrible … I dont know what they did but they got it working great. Over there images all load and they load fast. Here they do not all load and they load really slow… like they did years ago.

so is there anything I can do on my side to speed this up with the thumbnails AND loading the larger image?

also … is there an UP TO DATE install guide that isnt snap? I dont think I like that at all.

Thanks again!