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Hi guys,
first of all many thanks for the work you’re doing and congratulations for version 12 release. Keep up the good work.

There’s one thing I’d like to ask: Have anyone been looking at the image loading mechanism in the Gallery app? I find the image loading process quite slow. My girlfriend has a slow internet connection at her house and looking at the images we have in our shared albums is quite painful (she’d use a different phrasing :slight_smile: ).
I’ve been playing around with NextCloud and even in my flat, where the server is located, the image loading is extremely slow. I access it over a gigabit line.
I am sure the server performance is not the problem (I run NC on 2.5GHz processor with 4GB RAM).

If compared to (and I don’t like doing this) to google photos, the images load perfectly fine there (works fast and great even at my girlfriend’s house).

I’ve been looking into different sorts of compression methods and I’ve even considered developing a new Gallery app that would support compression or progressive loading of images (meaning things like generating lower quality thumbs, unblurring or preloading next image in a set, sort of like what’s described here).

Unfortunatelly I am new to NC app developement and to be honest I don’t know where to start. Before I go on about re-inventing the wheel, I just wanted to ask if anybody was working on something similar so that I might pick up the work and continue from there.

From what I’ve seen on the forum topics, I understand that many many people would appreciate revamped gallery app with focus on image loading.

Cheers guys and thanks in advance for any reply.


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Seriously no one to comment up on this?

Probably best addressed in the gallery category and by @oparoz

For faster preview generation use the preview generator app. But this only effects the speed of preview popup (the ones, that were not yet generated by the preview engine), not the one of the actual picture opening.

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As @MichaIng has mentioned, the best way to speed up Gallery is to pre-generate thumbnails and have that running on a cron.
It should also help with the big previews as these are cached as soon as the preview is generated.

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it should well yes, speed is faster with pre-generate of thumbnails, but far away from perfect. In my opinion, it’s still too slow

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