Gallery copyright/description/tags and EXIF data option

If I look into the Github description of Gallery it says:

  • Per album design, description and copyright statement

I guess the expection of most people is, like mine too, that they can manage these things in the Nextcluod web GUI. It took me a long time till I discovered, that this is not the case and I found the Galllery configuration. Don’t get me wrong, but this is pretty unhandy for practical daily usage. I think anyone who is interested in photo management would like to set these picture properties individuality and interactivly per photo (or multiple pictures) not only by album. Another much missed feature is the option to display the EXIF data of a picture.

Those improvments would make Nextcloud much more attractive for photographers.

Are you aware of the Metadata app?

In the readme it lists also these metadata formats as readed by the app:

  • image/jpeg (EXIF, XMP-dc, XMP-mwg-rs, XMP-digiKam TagsList)
  • image/tiff (EXIF, XMP-dc, XMP-mwg-rs, XMP-digiKam TagsList)

You could be interested also in the Camera RAW Previews app

Are you aware of the Metadata app?

Thank you Spartachetto, you are right I totally forget about this App.

If that app solves your needs, you could mark my answer as the solution :smile:

My main intention was, to point out, that the GUI of the Gallery App is missing a lot of picture management features, which you would exspect. In this context the Apps you have mentioned are helpful, but they do not solve the main issue, because their functionallity should integrated in the Gallery App.

Thank you for clarifying!

I am not at all a developer, just a simple user; so take what follows with a bit of caution.

My impression is that the gallery app is not actively developed.
Possibly the functionality you are looking for could be met by using the Files grid view of Nextcloud 15 plus the sidebar with the Metadata app installed plus the file preview functionality.

If this is not the case you could try to:

  • open a feature request in the gallery repository
  • try to explain in detail all the functionalities that you need and push for their integration in the server (push through feature requests and / or bounties)
  • try to propose a new app and again advocate for it
  • try to develop something by yourself

Take into account that a good feature requests with a reasonable explanation of why it is needed and how it should work could be the right incentive for a developer :wink:

I’m sorry if my explanation was too detailed and obvious for you…