Future of Sabre/DAV

I just read the blog post from @evert on evertpot.com, where he wrote that he has stopped maintaining the Sabre/* stuff. Since these are relatively important components in nextcloud, I was wondering what this means for Nextcloud. The Sabre/DAV project/repo is dead and there are a lot of open issues and PRs.

More Background:
Our company likes to use the SchedulingPlugin for Free/Busy scheduling with Thunderbird. But currently this is not possible due to one bug in Nextcloud and one bug in Sabre/DAV. NC misses the “searchPrincipals” function in the Principal Backend and Sabre/DAV isn’t allowing propFinds on user principals other then the current user (Problem with the ACLs). I did a quick fix for both. But since the second one is third party for nextcloud and upstream is dead, I’am not sure whether this can be fixed in time for NC13.

PS.: I wrote some stuff at the IRC channel tonight.^^


Nextcloud and ownCloud will work on the features they need. My guess is that they wont work on features and bugs that don’t affect them but will probably allow someone else to fix those :slight_smile:

Ping @jospoortvliet too

I’am willing to do that. :wink: My question was more about a possible way to fix this in the current situation. Is it okay to include custom patches into the 3rdParty Repo, that are not part of an actual upstream release? Since sabre/dav seams dead to me, I might not be the only one with this problem.

Additionally, my patch to sabre/dav targets some security features and I don’t have the expertise nor the time to check all the implications. This is where a nice reviewer comes in handy. :wink:

Hey @go2sh :slight_smile:

Could you please open a pull-request in the server repository including your fix and some description what patch is needed in the sabre/dav code. It’s much easier to discuss code changes on Github than on discourse.
(please mention me in the pull-request @georgehrke)

I would really love to get FreeBusy fixed


PR is in. :slight_smile: