Future of Docker and compatibility with other dockerapps


I am currently using oc 9.0.3 and thought about switching to nc and using Collabora.
So I read that it uses docker because it should be so easy and so on (threads are showing the opposite, but that doesn’t matter)
If I want to run discourse too (the board software here) I read, if I am having bad luck, I can’t do that because if Collaboar and discource are using different docker versions, the images are not compatible and I am screwed.
That would be the same as I can’t run Nextcloud and Wordpress on the same Apacheinstance.

The next thing is, I read in the news, that the docker guys are having a similar quarrel then the oc/nc people, and a fork might be happening, which makes that even worse.

Now I am very unsure how should I address that whole thing.
Is there a upgradepath to specific docker versions, or something?

This is not really true. An docker image is not (really) dependent on the docker version. So it will probably not happen such case. On top, these images will be maintained, and the latest version will always be compatible with the latest docker version. If you have such an issue, I commit myself to help you solve it!
(I have to admit that discourse it not playing well here, but I should be fine :stuck_out_tongue: )

I use docker since more than 2 years (started right before 1.0), and never hit the case.

With docker you could :wink:

Yes, it might happen if docker is playing vmware style… Hope it will not happen, and frankly I doubt it will happen. Look at these logos:
Estimate the quantity of money they represent (probably more than the gdp of USA :slight_smile: ).
These people have no interest in a fork, it is just a threat I think. If there is a fork, the cake to divide around docker will rot, and there will be little left to eat for all of these big eaters… Where as if they cooperate well like they did until now, the cake will just continue to grow :slight_smile:

But if the fork happen, we’ll probably follow open containers :slight_smile: (Yes the fork is always right!)

thanks for the nice reply, I will check for the migration in the next days then :slight_smile: