Further information on restricted and hidden tags needed

Hey everybody,

I’m currently looking into the possibilities to automatically delete files after X days. There are several topics on this and I think in general I’m okay with it at the moment. What I don’t get is what hidden and restricted tags are and how I could manage them.

The administrator documentation has a specific part regarding what I’m trying to achieve right now. It says:

Similar to Files access control retention should use restricted or invisible tags. Otherwise any user can remove the tag and the file is not removed after the given period. Use Automated tagging of files to assign such tags to newly uploaded files.

I get everything except how to add and manage restricted and / or hidden tags. Please enlighten me :grinning:


please search the forum.
There has been a recent post about named topic.


I’ve looked through all topics containing “restricted” chronologically and found this: Versteckte Tags anlegen - #4 by rakekniven

Now it’s clear, thank you!

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