Fund raising for SIP client app

I have been looking for someone to develop the SIP client application and to integrate it into Nextcloud.
Finally someone responded to my inquiry however the cost is 2000 USD.
Allow me to list some of the constrains here:

  1. I have a limited budget
  2. I do not wish to own the code in contrary my aim is to have it public so everyone can benefit
  3. Making the code commercial would be selfish since there are millions of hours spent on Nextcloud and other modules yet they are freely offered to the community.
  4. This module is very useful and can replace several apps such Video call, XMPP chat and could add SMS functionality to the nextcloud.

I call for a poll in an effort to raise fund for this project.

The tech specs are :

  1. App should be compatible nextcloud 12 and developer should be able to provide source code for further compatibility with nextcloud 13 and beyond

  2. The app should be configurable from nextcloud user interface

  3. The app should become active and online once user logs into nextcloud

  4. It should be compatible with asterisk 13 and beyond

  5. Voice, video, chat and SMS support. (These are existing features into Freepbx hence we would like to extend them to the sip client)

  6. Upon incoming call the dialpad should popup into the browser

  7. There should be a button to display the dialpad should an outgoing call is required.

  8. App should register with asterisk using its internal ip (Nextcloud and IPPBX are on the same subnet). We do not wish to expose the IPPBX to the public net.

Yeah, might be useful but also quite a complicated project.

As a partial solution it seems like there are some plans to get jitsi meet / jitsi video-bridge ( ) to be somewhat compatible with the JSXC chat and for the jitsi video-bridge there is also a SIP bridge:
(But I have not tried setting it up, so no idea if it works)

Hmm, searching a bit more this might be a very interesting system though:

Anyone can tell if that might work as a Nextcloud plugin or even just as an external site?

So you are looking for people sharing the costs of $2000? Do you plan to use a platform for fundraising?
@jospoortvliet our community manager can perhaps help a bit and is certainly interested in such activities.

@tflidd @jospoortvliet
Yes I am looking for people sharing the cost, since it is a community and open license space
it would be fair that people participate to keep the good ideas seeing the light.
The fund raising is to realize the SIP client app module.
I do not know how to do the fund raising, I wanted to see the reaction, interest and participation.
Upon that we can decide how to move forward with the collection of money and the realization
I would appreciate some guidance on the fund raising process .

I guess no one is interested… that is really a pity.

I wouldn’t say that after a few days. It’s more for business users which are less on this forum. There could be perhaps an interest of NC itself to offer such a function for business users.

@tflidd Yes you could be right. It is more business oriented however there are many that have Home/office and this could be a perfect solution for them . It is big time money saving.
Anyway I hope this idea will be financed .

How do you want to do the fundraising? Using one of the crowdfunding platforms out there? Somehow “official” like for example OPSI does it with their so-called “co-funding projects” (see here: A trustworthy intermediate would be a good idea probably, because quite a bit of money is involved in this.

Do you intend to make it compatible with other providers/PBX software that offers SIP functionality so this app can be used with them as well? Asterisk is not the only software PBX offering SIP support out there.

Quite honestly never had such an experience hence we will have to go the proper and trustworthy way whichever it is.
Yes the money is quite substantial and that is why I called for fundraising, however the app is worth it. If you look at most cloud such as bitrix and others they mention it but never seen it in action.

Just to make it clear I am an end user not the developer.
The app is basically sip compliant, since asterisk is quite popular it is normal to build it around asterisk . If someone comes forward with a different platform then may be the developer will consider it as well.

How is it big time money saving?

Making an app available in Nextcloud is one thing, integrating it another - if this would provide a SIP backend to the Nextcloud Video Calls app, that would be very nice. It is something we have for the ‘old’ spreed app and it will, some day, also come to the new one - but I’m sure its development and integration would cost more than 2K - that sounds like taking an existing app and i-framing it. Which is nice and might solve an immediate problem but not a long term solution we’d want to maintain…

For teleworkers, No matter where are they located they will always be able to use their enterprise telephony, in addition talking to their colleagues internally free of charge.
Moreover for travelers, calling nationally into the country of origin is also saving on phone calls.
In addition no need to buy soft phone licenses anymore and this app idea is zero installation .
There are many ideas of saving (on phone calls and ip telephony management)

Yes, there are a lot of use cases, which is why we want to offer it at some point.

SIP compatibility would be awesome for a powerful Nextcloud video app. Companies with VoIP infrastructure would surely benefit from something like that.

There is already this bugreport, maybe pledging the money/developer to that effort would be better than doing stuff in parallel?

Agree at least most of the work has been done, the app is based on simplewebrtc and both the Freepbx as well as Asterisk support the secure webrtc.
What is needed a base to start from in order to save money, efforts and time. I see we are more than half way through but I do not see which direction to go.
Spreed is based on webrtc and could be used
XMPP is based on webrtc also could be used
ctxSip works well with webrtc (I tried it and works in voice only but one session because I did not know how to integrate into nextcloud)
Also there is the Jitsi java project that can be used.

With some community efforts we can set the final specs and surely bring this app to life.

@giorgio09 Well, the Video app is the future, so why not putting it there?

@alfred The specs call for video, audio and chat.
Only the ctxSip did not support video however that is an example app that could be explored.
Actually the ctxSip is based on SIP.js ( project that can support all above.

@giorgio09 Video and audio are already there, chat is WIP:

Yet another app for something video chat related would be quite a duplicate effort, wouldn’t it?

@alfred I would say finally a complete video, chat,audio SIP telephony app.
I am not sure if you read the thread from the beginning because I feel that you jumped in the middle.
This app is SIP based so it cannot be a duplicate for the Spreed , the only app that could be a redundancy is the video call app into Nextcloud.
All communication apps in nextcloud are webrtc based but none has integrated the SIP protocol.