Function for MFA codes

Hello everyone,

Is it possible to create MFA codes within the PW Manager? There are more and more logins that only work with MFA. But you can’t create general accounts there, since only one has the code.
LastPass has this feature, but I didn’t find it in Passwords (maybe I overlooked it).
If it doesn’t exist - is it perhaps planned?

Bye, Sascha

Here is a ticket for this: [Feature] Storing OTP · Issue #69 · marius-wieschollek/passwords · GitHub

The issue with MFA is that storing the OTP in your password manager completely defeats the use of it. It’s recommended that you store them at least in a separate app.

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Yes, in most cases I would do the same. But for general accounts, I could share the OTP with the other users who need it. And even if one does leave, the MFA is not lost if he was the only one.
Unfortunately, your link does not show whether it is still being planned or whether it will not come. Can you tell me something about it?

Thanks and Bye, Sascha