Fully Automated Nextcloud on Fedora Installation Script

I just completed a full installation one liner for getting the latest Nextcloud installed cleanly and safely onto the latest Fedora Linux. Works like a charm. Handles basically everything. Just do a Fedora 27 Server bare bones install, log in and run this one command:

source <(curl -s https://gitlab.com/scottalanmiller/nextcloud_fedora_installer/raw/master/nextcloud_fedora.sh)

Totally takes care of itself. Anyone looking to get up and running quickly with a really production ready install (data in /data, MariaDB for the database, Redis for cache, opcache configured, packages installed and updated, etc.) can use this to get going fast. We use Fedora for production here and feel it is the best option for Nextcloud, it’s chosen intentionally.

Original post for this: https://mangolassi.it/topic/16389/nextcloud-automated-installation

What about automatic Talk app setup and configuration, including Coturn? :slight_smile:

Good job btw! :slight_smile: