Fulltextsearch (version conflict engine exception) & Elasticsearch


I’m not sure if this is the correct sub folder but i have following issue.

I have a VM running with over 1 million PDF documents which are indexed. The problem is that the live index function doesn’t work anymore and i just don’t know why. Everything was working fine in the past. I changed the log output to debug but i can’t see any errors.

I updated Elasticsearch a while ago and Nextcloud is running with the latest stable release 23.0.0 and also all apps are updated.

sudo -u apache php occ fulltextsearch:live doesn’t show any file updates.
sudo -u apache php occ fulltextsearch:test shows ‘version_conflict_engine_exception’ errors and stop. I guess that’s the problem?

Does someone maybe have an idea how to get this fixed ? Sadly i couldn’t find any useful topics in the forum or Google.

OS: CentOS 7
Elasticsearch: elasticsearch-7.16.2-1
Nextcloud: 23.0.0
Fullindex Apps updated to latest stable and are showing compatible
PDF Data stored: on mounted external LVM

Config output:

[root@app0185 nextcloud]# sudo -u apache php occ fulltextsearch:check
Full text search 23.0.0

  • Search Platform:
    Elasticsearch 23.0.0 (Selected)
    “elastic_host”: [
    “elastic_index”: “archiv”,
    “fields_limit”: “10000”,
    “es_ver_below66”: “0”,
    “analyzer_tokenizer”: “standard”

  • Content Providers:
    Files 23.0.0
    “files_local”: “1”,
    “files_external”: “1”,
    “files_group_folders”: “0”,
    “files_encrypted”: “0”,
    “files_federated”: “0”,
    “files_size”: “20”,
    “files_pdf”: “1”,
    “files_office”: “1”,
    “files_image”: “0”,
    “files_audio”: “0”,
    “files_fulltextsearch_tesseract”: {
    “version”: “22.0.0”,
    “enabled”: “0”,
    “psm”: “4”,
    “lang”: “de,en”,
    “pdf”: “1”,
    “pdf_limit”: “0”

[root@app0185 nextcloud]# sudo -u apache php occ fulltextsearch:test

.Testing your current setup:
Creating mocked content provider. ok
Testing mocked provider: get indexable documents. (2 items) ok
Loading search platform. (Elasticsearch) ok
Testing search platform. ok
Locking process ok
Removing test. fail
Error detected, unlocking process ok
In Connection.php line 687:

until_millis”:0,“failures”:[{“index”:“archiv”,“type”:“standard”,“id”:“test_provider:license”,“cause”:{“type”:“version_conflict_engine_exception”,“reason”:"[test_provider:license]: versi
on conflict, required seqNo [1257977], primary term [11]. current document has seqNo [1257983] and primary term [12]",“index_uuid”:“7Xs3UuBWSQewUo7ZziYJnw”,“shard”:“0”,“index”:“archiv”}
,“status”:409},{“index”:“archiv”,“type”:“standard”,“id”:“test_provider:simple”,“cause”:{“type”:“version_conflict_engine_exception”,“reason”:"[test_provider:simple]: version conflict, re
quired seqNo [1257978], primary term [11]. current document has seqNo [1257982] and primary term [12]",“index_uuid”:“7Xs3UuBWSQewUo7ZziYJnw”,“shard”:“0”,“index”:“archiv”},“status”:409}]