Fulltextsearch:test -> Locking process fail

Full text search/Elasticsearch Platform/Files 22.0.1, Tesseract 22.0.0
elasticsearch 7.16.3

When doing fulltextsearch:test i get

Testing search platform. ok  
Locking process fail 
In RunningService.php line 86:
  Index is already running  

fulltextsearch:test [--output [OUTPUT]] [-j|--json] [-d|--platform_delay PLATFORM_DELAY]

Some guidance to fix would be great.

I have nextcloud-fulltext-elasticsearch-worker.service running and by coincidence found it to be the cause of the error. When i stop the service the test successfully runs. So may be when the service is running the error is expected. I don’t know. If yes, sorry for the excitement.
My apologies