Fulltextsearch:live not indexing new files in local external shares


I have fulltextsearch with Tesseract OCR installed, configured and indexed in my installation and all looks fine. After the first index I find my files and text in my PDF’s etc.

I also have configured the live search as a service. It’s running in the background and as a second proof, when I try to run “occ fulltextsearch:index” it mentions that the index is already running.

I have several external paths from my Alfresco server mounted via WebDav (davfs2) to the filesystem of my Ubuntu VM running Nextcloud. These shares are bound into Nextcloud as external storage, type “local”. I can access these files, the cron job gets new files with its scanning - but the live fulltext search does not index any new files which are added to these directories!

So any new documents which are added to my “/opt/Alfresco” folders and subfolders (this is i.e. one external WebDAV mount) can’t be found in the search.

When I stop my fulltextsearch:live-service and run an “occ fulltextsearch:index”, it’ll find the missing documents and add them to the index.

What’s wrong with fulltextsearch:live that it’s not finding any new documents in my external storage “local” folders, but a fulltextsearch:index does so?

Hi just to know if you did manage well with the local-davfs2 montre to Alfresco server?
We use the same technique but the files updates from Nextcloud are quite slow.

How large are your Alfresco repos?
The only way with a mount is to rescan the files with a cron job as files_external:notify does not support external mounts.

As I have only a few gigs in my Alfresco I did a different approach now: I’ve set up the WebDav mount on my Alfresco OCR VM where I already had installed Syncthing.

From there I sync the Alfresco repo’s via Syncthing on my Nextcloud VM physically into /opt/Alfresco/… on my Nextcloud machine. This has the advantage that all Alfresco files are on this VM physically and you can use the external files notifications to have NC immediately informed about new files.

Unfortunately fulltextsearch:live still does not get aware of the notifications for external local file mounts …