FullTextSearch - ClientResponseException

My first post in these forums – an IT Network and System admin trying to get this working – please bear with me.

NC 27 and ES 8.9.1 running as APPS in TrueNAS Scale.

After much tinkering, I have this working and indexing. My issue lies with a single error I am seeing in the console when running either my first index, or the live service:

┌─ Errors ────
│ Error: 1/1
│ Index: files:2227
│ Exception: Elastic\Elasticsearch\Exception\ClientResponseException
│ Message: unknown error

I’m not sure how to read this – I feel like the “2227” is a marker on a file – not that it errored on 2227 files.

I’m watching the logs in NC also and I am not seeing anything that is indicating any errors. I can post those needed – but not sure if its an ES issue or NC issue.

NOTE: the index IS working. Searchable and everything. WorkflowOCR is working too. I do receive that error when WOCR is disabled.

Appreciate the look.