Fulltext Search first run

Hi there!
I have more than 20 fileservers, with aprox 40TB of files on samba shares.
I was trying to index them with the fulltextsearch elasticsearch app, but the first run looks like its going to take forever.
So, I have several questions:

  1. Why I cant stop it, and continue later from where I left? The oc files:scan allows you index only unindexed files, so you can resume. I can’t find a way to do something like that with fulltextsearch.

  2. The resources used for the index seems very low, they only use one cpu, and dosen’t even had any impact on load average or memory usage.

  3. When some day… dunno, in a few months, it finally ends, what happends with all the changes and new files added after the indexing started?

  4. All of my users are members from at least one group, and they have access to some external shares (samba). Are they going to be reindexed for every one of them?

Tnxs in advance.