Full Sync for Android Devices

now it’s here twice in the forum, I’m sorry. Additionally in English:
I use Nextcloud 21 in connection with a UCS (Univention Corporate Sever).
My clients are notebooks and Android devices.
I synchronize the notebooks bi-directionally with the help of the desktop application. That means, all data that are in NC are also locally on the notebook. Changes are automatically synchronized.
The Android client has not been synchronized in this way with the aid of the Android app. In order to have all data available locally on the Android device and to automatically synchronize every change, I previously had to use the FolderSync app.
Can you get this guaranteed without FolderSync?

Hi @Thomas_Mo

In theory, yes. In practice rather not. You have to select each folder individually for it to be synced. And in my experience this doesn’t work as well as it does with Folder Sync… The Nextcloud app is not primarily designed for this, which is ok to me, because most people don’t need all their files offline on their smartphone all the time. Why don’t you just continue to use FolderSync?

There are no guarantees with OSS products. With commercial products neither btw. but you can buy support for many of the products out there… :wink: Just test it for a while… You should be able to use both apps in parallel without any issues.

Many thanks for your response.
Then I will probably continue to use FolderSync for these cases.
Since my NC cannot yet be reached while on the move, I am currently bridging the problem with the local copy.
In this respect, NC users assume a high level of availability. No data access without internet, right?

Yes and no. You absolutlely can use the Nextcloud app to make files available offline. And they will sync after you get your connection back. But for large portions of files or files that should be stored and used outside the default storage path the Nextcloud app uses, I found Folder Sync to be more reliable, respective more flexible. Especially if you want to edit these files with other apps than the Nextcloud app itself.