From Ldap to Keycloak

Hello guys,
we have a production enviroment currently authenticating with the company ldap, during the installation we left the UUID value on default, so there is currently a mapping in the db between our ldap cn and the nextcloud UUID which is used as username.

Since we are migrating all the company authentications to Keycloak we installed the oicd plugin for nextcloud but in this case the cn is used by default as username and so if someone tries to log in through keycloak he results as a new user even if he is not.

What is the easiest and least invasive way to do this migration without losing all the users data?


Hello Lorenz,

Did you find a way to migrate your users to Oidc ?
Are you using SocialLogin ?

Thanks in advance !
Michel, having the same kind of migration to Keycloak problem

Dear All,
Any luck on this please ?