Fresh install of Nextcloud on ESXi

New to nextcloud so hello all!!

Just did an install and cannot get in to access the config file to change the trusted addresses/domains.
I get access denied with going through the console to the directory or trying to ssh to it.

Any help would be great!!

Thank you

To get ssh-access to your setup is a basic requirement to manage your system. You should be able to do that and as root you can modify config.php. But that’s rather a question about your system than Nextcloud.

How did you install Nextcloud in the first place?

I tried as ncadmin but should i try as root? I am new to linux/unix as well so i am trying to make my way through using what i can find.
I installed using the Nextcloud-VM that once started uses the setup script, but all i get is the intro screen on the web page and if i try to access the http or https://IP/nextcloud i get the trusted domains message.I know where to find the config.php now but cannot access it.

Thank you for the response